Digital slides

Digital slides

What are the best dpi settings?

A specific dpi setting is not necessary. The only important thing is the resolution measured in pixel. Anyway, if you like dpi: A resolution of 4k (4096 lpi) means 2,890 dpi, 8k (8192 lpi) is 5780 dpi.

Whats the best resolution for a slide?

Generally is every resolution possible, there is no minimum resolution. Even with a 2 Megapixel image will many people see no difference to a “real” slide. To meet higher demands your image should have at least 2000x300 pixel.

Does 8k make sense at 35 mm?

Yes. The slides will be finer “painted” then with 4k. You will notize a it more details.

Why are your slides sharper then the ones from another slide studio?

We work with 8k film recorders. Their optical and electrical system is much more precise then from a 4k recorder. And we have optimzed camera backs for each device.
You will see the difference.

What about the aspect ratio?

We will produce your slides exactly as your image is. If they come from a compact digital camera, the aspect is usually 3:4 (1:1.33). The aspect of a slide DSLR is 2:3 (1:1.5), a bit wider. Gererally stay two black borders left and right (approx. 2 mm). If you wish instead we can crop your image to fit in the commplete slide.

Do you make any “enhancements” with the images?

No. If we see, your images are not optimal, we will notify you and ask what to do.

Have all images to be in landcape mode?

No, portrait mode images will be rotated automatically.

Can you process 16 bit files?

Yes we do. Our film recorders work internally with 12 bit, which means a slightly but not noticable reduction of color depth.

Which graphic formats can you process?

If possible, send: JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP.
Possible, but not problemless are PDF, PSD und PPT.

What are “4x4 Superslides”?

A Super slide has a film area of 38x38 mm, which is 80% more space then a regular 35 mm film. The mounts have the same dimensions as a standard mount (2x2 in).



In which way do you produce dups?

We scan your original slide in highest quality and record it to film.

Do you produce slides from prints or negatives?


Can you remove scratches from film?

Yes, usually this is no problem.

Can you repair color casts or faded colors?

No problem.