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Which resolution is used?

We record with 4k (4096 Lines) resolutions.

Which file formats will accepted?

We can process virtually every file format. Preferred is JPEG.

Which film type is recommended?

Every film type has its specific advantages.

  • Slide film: Because of the natural color is it the best choice for simple viewing.
  • Colour negative: has higher dynamic range then slide film, the best choice for converted RAW images.
  • B/W: The most durable film, longest lasting. Recommended for B/W images.

How should I store my films?

Most important: Cool and dark. Avoid heat - do not store under the roof, where it's to warm in summer. Room temperature is fine, but if you like you can fridge or freeze you films.

How long lasts film?

Slide and colour negatives lasting some decades. If they are stored to warm (under the roof) you will see color shifts after 20 years, which can easily repaired by scanning.
B/W film lasts 100 years and longer.