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Technical hints

In a nutshell

If your images are shots from a normal digital camera – don't care. You will get brilliant slides.

You're a professional? Photograph in RAW? Create artistic images in Photoshop?
Then have a close look on the next hints.


There is no minimum resolution. For family pictures or holiday slides your image files should have a resolution from 1500 x 1000 px. Your audience will see no difference to “real” (analogue shot) slides.
From 3000 x 2000 px and above are your slides suitable for professional slide shows. A lot of professionals mix their analogue slide with digital produced – there is no difference in colour and sharpness.

We can use the following resolutions:

Resolution (Pixel) 4k 8k nativ
4096 x 2732 8192 x 5464 variable
Superslide 38x38 mm
4600 x 4600 variable
Medium format up to 6x7
8192 x 6702 variable
Medium format from 6x8 to 6x12
8192 x 3185 variable
Large format 4x5" 8192 x 6370 variable

“Nativ” means, your slides will be recorded with exactly the amount of pixels they really have. They will not sampled up or down to fit any requirements. No pixel will be removed or added.

... the dpi:

Resolution (dpi)
35 mm
2890 dpi
5780 dpi
Superslide 38x38 mm
3060 dpi
Medium format up to 6x7
3060 dpi
Medium format from 6x7
Large format 4x5"
1640 dpi


Colour depth

We can process 16-bit RAW.
Our film recorders work internally with 12 bit colour depth (68 billion colours). Thats the ideal solution to get brilliant and lossless slides from RAW (converted to TIFF).

Film format

We can process

  • 35 mm
  • SuperSlide 38x38 mm
  • Medium Format 6x4.5 bis 6x12 cm
  • Large format 4x5"
  • Any size special format, up to 4x5 in


Your files

Virtually no limitations, don't shrink or enlarge your image.
Color mode:
RGB (even with B/W images!)
File format:

TIFF (LZW-Kompr. möglich), JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG
(PSD, PDF, PPT possible, but my cause problems.)

Color profile:
Color depth:
8 Bit or 16 Bit
At 8 bit color depth the platform doesn't matter, at 16 bit TIFF it's necessary to saveimages in “IBM PC” format.

Because we are not able to check every file manually please take care your files comply with this requirements.
Otherwise color shifts or other unexpected behaviour is possible.


Aspect ratio (example)

If your images have an aspect ratio different from the chosen film format your images will be lossless fitted. In this case the unused film stay black (“best fit”). (example)
You can choose to crop your image, so the complete slide is filled, but some content of your image is lost.

Mounts (more)

Automatic mounting

This kind of mounting takes place inside the machine without manual control. In most cases you get reasonable quality.
In case of mixed frame sizes or critical content (night shots) you get often mis-mounted slides.
Because of this, WightSlide stopped to offer this.

Manual mounting

Every slide will be mounted manually. You get the highest mounting quality, what is essential for advertising or exhibitions. Slides from WightSlide are manually mounted.

Glass or glassless?

In most cases glassless mounts are the optimal solution. The mounts fit in virtually every magazine and are easy to use.
Glass mounts protect the slide better from scratches, dust and finger prints. They also provide a higher UV and heat protection. Glass mounts are not recommended for archival.


Film material

35 mm

You can choose from:

  • Kodak Elite Chrome 100 (our standard film)
  • Kodak Elite Chrome Extra Colour 100
  • Fuji Sensia 100


  • Ilford Delta 100

Colour negative:

  • Kodacolor 200

Professional film (5 € surcharge per film):

  • Kodak E100G
  • Kodak E100VS
  • Fuji Velvia 50
Medium format up to 6x7
  • Fuji Velvia 50
  • Kodak E100G

Medium format from 6x8 to 6x12, Large format 4x5"

  • Kodak E100G